To hear members' and attenders' own stories of their experiences with Quaker beliefs, click on the video clips listed below. More clips will be added over time, so checking back at intervals will be of interest.

Justin Solonynka, Working for Peace, 1'20"

Justin, Teaching Quaker Kids, 3'14"

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Quaker Beliefs

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The Light Within

The Light Within is the fundamental and immediate experience for Friends. It is that which guides us in our everyday lives and brings us together as a community of faith. It is most importantly our direct and unmediated experience of the Divine.

The Quaker form of worship recognizes that of God, the Light Within, in everyone. We feel that worship, at its best, can bring direct communication with God, free of any prearranged form. We find that this individual experience of worship is deepened when it is shared with others.

Worship is based on expectant waiting for guidance from the Divine Source within. From this we may return to our daily lives reaffirmed in our sense of direction and strengthened by the love and power of God. Friends believe that inward, shared worship leads to deeper spiritual insight and makes conscience more sensitive to Truth. Moral truths and the power to act on those truths arise from the Inward Light which itself comes from God. It is a source of grace and illumination, leading our diversities toward harmony, not only within the worshipping group but also in our relations with everyone around us.

Quaker testimonies on peace, social and racial equality, and religious liberty express this fundamental belief in the power and authority of the Inward Light in human affairs.

During a Meeting for Worship, individuals at intervals may be moved to share their spiritual insights. This vocal ministry is welcome from anyone present, not just from members. Brief messages can carry deep meaning, reaching many others.